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About Us

About New Life Threads


In partnership with Africa New Life, New Life Threads seeks to transform lives in Rwanda. Africa New Life’s Family Center Program provides vulnerable women with sewing skills, counseling, and other support to 70 women each year. These women are genocide survivors, single mothers or women struggling with poverty.  Learning to sew gives them the opportunity to change their lives with dignity. Graduates are able to find jobs, start their own sewing businesses, or sew for New Life Threads.

New Life Threads is a part of Tabitha’s Hope, a 501c3 non-profit.  New Life Threads and Tabitha’s Hope is 100% volunteer-led and 100% of the profit goes to Africa New Life to support the following outcomes:

  1. Job creation: With your help, these women will be able to support their families through the dignity of work.
  2. Training & support: Africa New Life wants to provide an education to 70 women each year. Your purchase helps fund their tuition, supplies, and other support such as counseling and life skills so they can be successful after their time in the program.
  3. Helping hand: a small portion of the profits goes toward special projects for orphans, street kids, or other cool projects in Rwanda.




Africa New Life is a proven organization with a great track-record of meaningful impact in Rwanda. They are a proud member of the Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability.

New Life Threads/Tabitha’s Hope is led by the following:

  • Dave, Bonnie, Abbie, Ben & Grace Nieuwstraten – Founders
  • Margie Shinn – Vice President
  • Mark Fordice - Operations
  • Board of Directors
  • Dan Combes
  • Rod Friesen
  • Bonnie Nieuwstraten


Our Inspiration


The names Tabitha’s Hope and New Life Threads are based on the story of Tabitha in Acts 9. In this biblical story, a woman named Tabitha was always doing good and helping the poor. She was a great seamstress and her sewing blessed many. She experienced death but was given new life and her story ushered in hope and salvation throughout the land.  “New Life Threads” connects the new life inspired by Tabitha and the new life brought to Rwanda thanks to Africa New Life.


Thank you for sewing hope into the heart of Africa!